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The Team

Paul Spiteri Lucas

Paul is a founding member of Horizon. His first encounter with aircraft was during the visit by the Royal Navy’s HMS Ark Royal to St. Paul’s Bay in Malta in June 1988, a family outing, which turned out to be a life-long love of military aviation and naval vessels.

In the last 18 years his passion for military aviation and naval photography grew more. Over the last years he has taken to traveling around Europe and beyond to see airshows and visit aviation related museums and where possible some naval bases.

Paul has had a number of images published on Airforces monthly and also online aviation websites, apart from having numerous photographs published locally on both The Sunday Times and The Times of Malta and on in-Nazzjon and Il-Mument, he has also to date wrote an opinion piece related to aviation.

Christopher Ebejer

Christopher is an aviation enthusiast who had a passion for aviation since he was a kid. A founding member of Horizon and is currently responsible for its website and social media platforms. An Air Traffic Controller Officer by profession, at Malta International Airport since 2013, a certified private pilot with over 200 hours logged in single-engine powered aircraft and a University of Malta Graduate in Software Engineering.

While aviation-related subjects remain the main focus of his photography he also enjoys travel, scuba diving and trekking. In recent years, Christopher has taken the opportunity to travel Europe, Asia and South Africa to visit international airshows and military exercises.

Joseph Borg

Joe's passion for aviation goes back to his childhood, at the time when his father was still an aviation photographer so he would often join him around the fence at Luqa watching aircraft that nowadays are part of history.

The Bush-Gorbachev Malta Summit in 1989 was Joe's first real encounter with aircraft that were not regularly seen in Malta and can vividly remember aircraft from the Soviet and U.S. contingent at Luqa, and at the age of 13, Joe had his first SLR camera, and 26 years on he is still passionate about this hobby.

Joe also works in aviation and is an Inflight Manager with Malta's National Carrier, Air Malta and in his free time enjoys cycling and kayaking.

Stephen Borg

I describe myself as an avid aviation enthusiast. I’ve been passionate about aviation since an early age. I still recall when Swissair, Alitalia and Lufthansa used to fly over for base training with their newest fleet additions. Back then, most aircraft were noisy and left a long, black trail of smoke in their wake. These memories grew on me and so did my passion for aviation. From just a passion, throughout the years it evolved into a life-long career working in various aviation-related jobs. Being a Horizon team member, I look forward to sharing my passion and experiences with fellow aviation enthusiasts!

Roberto Cassar

Roberto’s interest in aircraft began every Sunday when he used to visit Spotters Wall to watch aircraft landing and taking off. The hobby eventually kicked off with his first camera bought during the Libya war were Malta saw a substantial amount of both civil and military movements.

During 2015, He visited his first Military Exercise in Leewaurden, NL to which sparked another branch of the hobby, travelling outside of Malta to spot aircraft.

In 2014, he embarked on his career within the aviation industry and in 2016 changed his position to join a prominent airline operating to Malta.

Lawrence Brincat

With the Advent of the CHOGM meeting in 2005, I started my plane spotting hobby officially. In 2010, I decided to start venturing abroad and started visiting airshows to get a first hand closer look to what these event has to offer to us enthusiasts outside our shores. The following year, with the Libyan crisis, Malta witnessed an influx of military aviation varying it types. Since that year, got more inclined towards military aviation rather than civil airliners.

In 2015 started venturing to Eastern Europe in the hope of catching rare birds and those close to end of their service. In that year I visited Romania followed with Slovakia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Poland. Both Russia and Ukraine are on the wish list waiting for the opportunity to arise. In 2021 has the first opportunity to visit an ongoing Military Exercise, an event sort of different from the usual Airshow Format and it was real fun.

Aiden Lee Briffa

Aiden Lee has been an aviation enthusiast by observing the Malta International Air show since a very young age.

Growing in a town in the southern part of Malta in the vicinity of the airport allowed him to further take his enthusiasm to another level that of a plane spotter. Since the age of 14 he has been practicing his hobby weekly photographing civil as well as military aircraft at Malta International Airport, Airshows around Europe and occasionally at Aviation Museums to be able to see a variety of airframes till the present day.

Aiden is currently a student following a degree course in Software Development aiming for a profession in the IT industry.

Christian Camille

Christian’s interest in aviation was since an early age, especially when visiting Malta’s Air show coupled with the fact that growing up in a family where most worked in the aviation industry, it was an easy choice to continue on their footsteps, now working in the Operations Department at Malta International Airport, with past experiences and expertise in aviation maintenance as well as business aviation.

Christian has only taken up aviation photography to the next level in the past decade when he purchased his first DSLR during the Libyan Crisis in 2011.

Although his main interest is military aviation, Christian likes to get anything interesting that passes through LMML varying from small prop to large aircraft.