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German Flight School Adds Bell 505

Bell Textron Inc., a Textron Inc. company, announced today, kayfly, a German flight school, signed a purchase agreement for a Bell 505. It will use the aircraft along with its two Bell 206s to train aspiring helicopter pilots.

“kayfly has been a loyal Bell customer and we are thrilled that they will be operating a Bell 505 for their training operations, the Bell 505 is an excellent training aircraft that combines an affordable price point with low operating costs and advanced technology – all essential factors for operators seeking a modern training aircraft.”

Duncan De Velde, managing director, Europe and Russia.

Based in North-Rhine Westphalia, kayfly provides professional helicopter training for future pilots. It has operated Bell aircraft for almost 18 years and offers individual trainings using professional equipment. Further, kayfly provides sightseeing flights, shuttle service, and an all-around Bell helicopter flying experience for European and global customers.

“For many years, the Bell 206 has been an excellent training platform for our pilots, we look forward to modernizing our fleet and providing world-class pilot training using the Bell 505.”

Kay Stabenow, pilot and CEO, kayfly.

There are more than 300 Bell 505s operating in more than 55 countries across six continents, surpassing 75,000 total fleet flight hours. The aircraft is designed to deliver an easy, efficient flight experience while offering significant value to pilot training, parapublic missions, helicopter emergency medical services, and private operators.


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