HomeImagesAviationQatar Amiri Flight Airbus A320-214(CJ) Prestige A7-HSJ
Location:Malta International Airport
Aircraft Type:Airbus 320-214 (CJ) Prestige
Aircraft Operator:Qatar Amiri Flight
Registration / Serial:A7-HSJ
Photographer:Joseph Borg

Qatar Amiri Flight Airbus A320-214(CJ) Prestige, registered A7-HSJ landed this morning at Malta International Airport from Doha. Named Capricorn this Airbus A320 has a luxury interior dedicated towards VIP Charters and it was delivered in 2012.

The Qatari Amiri Flight is a VIP airline owned and operated by the Government of Qatar. It operates worldwide charters on demand and caters exclusively to the Royal Family of Qatar and other VIP government staff.

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