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DSIT Solutions Launches WhitePointer

This advanced communication system is a result of DSIT’s new technological development that offers reliable underwater networked communication between various entities at different distances from each other

DSIT Solutions is proud to launch WhitePointer, a state-of-the-art underwater acoustic communication system that enables simultaneous communication between multiple surface and underwater platforms. The system is based on the company’s advanced underwater technology that allows networked communication between various users.

The WhitePointer system complies with NATO Standards and enables reliable voice and data communication between surface ships, submarines, and other underwater users including divers and drones such as Swimmer’s Delivery Vehicles (SDVs), Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs). The system supports underwater acoustic networked communication with multiple users and can be fully integrated with any onboard communication system. The solution – which implements multiple types of modulations for data transmission – includes a synthesized, high-power transceiver with preset frequencies. This allows the operator to rapidly switch channels without risking errors.

“We are proud to launch this innovative acoustic underwater communication system that enables cyber safety and protected underwater networked communication between multiple surface and underwater platforms on the same network, via both voice and data transmissions. The WhitePointer system is an advanced communication suite that supports covert operational missions of multiple maritime vessels as well as tactical missions and search & rescue missions.”

Mr. Hanan Marom, DSIT’s VP Business Development and Marketing,

About DSIT Solutions

A subsidiary of RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., DSIT Solutions Ltd. has, for the last three decades, developed and implemented comprehensive defense and protection solutions against various underwater threats, focusing on six main types of solutions: Underwater Coastal Terrain Dominance systems, Underwater Security systems, Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) systems, Sonar systems for Submersible Platforms, Acoustic Analysis & Trainer systems, and underwater communication. Based on DSIT Solutions’ wide range of capabilities, experience and innovative technology, the company’s underwater systems and technologies have been successfully deployed by many sophisticated customers worldwide for naval defense, HLS, and energy security applications.

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