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Phase 1 of the STOL conversion nears completion

- The new 30 to 50 seater aircraft will be capable of landing on runways as short as 800 meters (2,625ft)

Phase one of the conversion of the ATR 42-600 prototype (MSN 811) into a 42-600S STOL variant is nearly complete.

The next phase of ground tests will be followed by the first flight in partial STOL configuration.

In the video below, Simone Stanchi, STOL Program Director and François Lannaud, STOL Program Manager talk us through the modifications brought to MSN 811
to turn it into this first version of the STOL: reinforcement of the rear fuselage, installation of the autobraking and ground spoiler systems as well as all the multi-functional computer systems controlling these new features.

The installation of the new, larger rudder is planned later this year after several weeks of ground and flight tests.

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