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HII marks milestone in Virginia-Class submarine Massachusetts (SSN 798) construction

All-domain defense and technologies partner HII shared today that it’s Newport News Shipbuilding division has achieved a significant milestone in construction of Virginia-class submarine Massachusetts (SSN 798).

Shipbuilders working on Massachusetts recently reached pressure hull complete, meaning that all of the hull sections were joined to form a single, watertight unit. This is the last major construction milestone before the submarine is launched.

“Our highly skilled shipbuilders are driven to serve the nation by delivering great submarines that help ensure America’s undersea superiority, reaching this point in construction demonstrates our commitment to getting Massachusetts ready as soon as possible to become part of the U.S. Navy fleet.”

Jason Ward, Newport News Shipbuilding vice president of Virginia-class submarine construction.

Newport News Shipbuilding is one of only two shipyards capable of designing and building nuclear-powered submarines. The advanced capabilities of Virginia-class submarines increase firepower, maneuverability and stealth.

This milestone on Massachusetts comes following the delivery of USS Montana (SSN 794) and launch of New Jersey (SSN 796) at Newport News Shipbuilding earlier in 2022, as the shipyard continues to invest in its workforce and facilities to make steady progress on delivering these important assets to the Navy.

Massachusetts is the 25th Virginia-class fast attack submarine.

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