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Anchorage  – The gateway to Alaska adventure

Right across the street from Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport (FAA identifier ANC, ICAO identifier PANC) one can find Lake Hood (FAA identifier LHD, ICAO identifier PALH), the World’s most significant operating seaplane base. The lake caters for an average of one hundred fifty to two hundred flights per day. The lake itself is composed of two lakes, Lakes Hood and Spenard. In Summer the lake is home to numerous float and seaplanes whilst in the winter float planes are re-equipped with skis to operate out of the frozen lakes.

While walking around the shoreline and the numerous ramps and hangars one can still spot a good number of DHC-2s and DHC-3s, together with rarer to see, Grumman Goose Seaplanes and STOL Helio Courier Float planes. For those who love the sounds of old piston radial engines, Lake Hood is a must-visit.

Going back to the main airport in the city of Anchorage, Ted Stevens International. Over here one can spot some fascinating movements too, Anchorage is the base for Alaska Airlines, Everett Air Cargo, Lynden Air Transport, Northern Air Cargo, ERA and many other small operators, all of which operate interesting aircraft types which provide a lifeline to the numerous indigenous communities living in remote regions across the State of Alaska. At Ted Stevens, one can also note a good number of widebody cargo aircraft, mainly Boeing 747s, 777s and MD-11 which normally land on tech stops while flying east from Asia. All in all, Anchorage is a must-visit.