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Pilatus Delivers the Last PC-6 Porter

On Monday 12th December 2022, Pilatus Aircraft delivered the last PC-6 Porter (SN 1019) to an Indonesian customer.

The Pilatus PC-6 Porter is a single-engined STOL utility aircraft designed by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland, one of the world’s longest-running production stories in the aviation industry. First flown in 1959, the PC-6 was produced at Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in Stans, Switzerland. It has been built in both piston engine- and turboprop-powered versions and was made under licence by Fairchild Hiller in the United States.

Its short takeoff and landing capabilities and general versatility earned it worldwide fame and a reputation as a robust “all-rounder”. Among its many achievements, the Pilatus Porter has flown several cargo and passenger trips at maximum useful load to an altitude of 5700 metres above sea level – a world record that has not been bettered even today.

After around 600 deliveries in six decades, Pilatus announced the end of production in 2017.

Photos courtesy of http://www.pc-6.com

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