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German Air Force World War II wreckage unearthed in Malta

The Malta Aviation Museum was informed by phone on the afternoon of February 25 that aircraft debris had been discovered during excavation work at the St. Vincent de Paul Home (Malta). The museum’s staff was able to inspect the debris after obtaining the required authorization from the relevant authorities.

An investigation was carried out and found that the location was a dump full of various forms of wreckage. The team members began digging further into the crater where the parts were discovered after receiving additional authorisation from the Maltese Superintendence of Cultural Heritage and the custodianship of the wreckage.

An exciting few days began with the surprise finding of a BF109 horizontal tail section. After inspecting the manufacturer’s plate, it was confirmed the wreckage belonged to a Messerschmitt Bf 109 F2 model.

A subsequent investigation uncovered another wing root with a W.Nr that was still clearly discernible. The wing surface was cleaned of loose debris by hand. The wing was raised from around 2 meters below earth after being safely lashed at one of the attachment places. It became clear that more of this aircraft was buried once the wing was raised. The fuselage was still there, but it had been divided into three pieces. This was undoubtedly done to make disposal simpler. Also, it was clear that certain components were stolen and kept as mementoes of the conflict. It wasn’t difficult to determine the history of this Messerschmitt Bf109 F4Z constructed by Erla because the paint markings and W.Nr 8668 were still very plainly apparent.

The wreckage was transported to the museum to be added to the exhibition in due course.

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