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The German AF adds Tornado for Malta airshow

The Malta International Airshow just announced that the Bundeswehr and Luftwaffe have increased their participation at the Malta International Airshow with an addition of a Tornado.

At the beginning of May it was announced that a German AF Eurofighter EF-2000 will debut at Malta and just under a month another Luftwaffe aircraft was confirmed.

In the past German AF and Navy Tornados were regular visitor at the Malta International Airshow. The last time a German AF Tornado visited the Airshow was in the 2014 edition.

“We are thrilled to announce that the German Air Force will be participating in static at the upcoming Malta Airshow 2023, and they are bringing their formidable Tornado aircraft with them!”

Malta International Airshow

The Tornado has been a mainstay of the German Air Force for many years and is recognised for its sleek appearance and adaptability. Initially, 247 Tornados were delivered to the German Air Force, including 35 ECR anti-radar variants and the remaining IDS strike variants. Between 1994 and 2005, these were further supplemented as the German Navy’s own fleet of 112 Tornado IDS aircraft was transferred to the Air Force or decommissioned. Budget cuts have limited the present German Air Force fleet to about 90 aircraft, but it has been continuously improved and is still a potent combat aircraft.

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