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AFM AW139 crew completes 1 week exercise in Portugal

An Armed Forces of Malta AW139 crew along with operatives from the Special Operations Unit took part in an exercise organised on the 5-plus-5 Defence Initiative.

An AFM AW139 was spotted at Alicante, Spain during its transit to Portugal as the video by Javier Rullan Ruano shows on his channel in youtube.

Information about the exercise is quite scant and we couldn’t find anything in relation to it, most probably since this was primarily an exercise that was targeted for Special operations training.

We are informed that the AFM personnel worked closely with other countries primarily with Portugal as the hosts.

The 5-plus-5 Dialogue is a platform for cooperation between the five nations on the Western Mediterranean’s northern side (France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, and Spain) and the five nations on its southern side (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia).

The 5-plus-5 Defense Initiative is centered on practical activities that address shared issues on both sides of the Western Mediterranean, with the aim of resolving those issues through working techniques (seminars, exercises, etc.) that are suggested and tested throughout the exercise.


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