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Slovenia set to debut at Malta Airshow

For the first time in its history the Malta International Airshow will add Slovenia as a participant. The Slovenia Air Force will participate in the flying display with its Pilatus PC-9 aircraft.

“We’re thrilled to announce that the Slovenian Air Force will be joining us for the first time at the Malta Airshow 2023! The Slovenians will take part in the flying display with their Pilatus PC-9 training aircraft!”

Malta International Airshow

Nine Pilatus PC-9M turboprop aircraft are flown by the Slovenian Air Force; they are mostly used to teach new and experience pilots. To perform the light assault duty, the aircraft can also be outfitted with bombs, rockets, and guns. The PC-9Ms are based at Cerklje ob Krki by 152 Letalska eskadrilja.

The participation of a Pilatus PC-9 as a type of aircraft will also mean that it is the first everr appearance of the type in Malta as in the past we always witnessed the Pilatus PC-7 aircraft.

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