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Construction starts on Finnish BG’s first Turva-class patrol ship

The construction of the first Turva-class ship has started. The start of production was celebrated with a traditional steel cutting ceremony in Gdansk, Poland, where the ships are built.

Meyer Turku is contracted to deliver two Turva-class vessels for the Finnish Border Guard. The aim is to replace the Border Guard’s older patrol vessels. The first ship is scheduled to be completed in 2025. The second of the ships will be completed a year after this during 2026. It’s intended to use the new ships until the 2050’s.

“The construction process is implemented across the board in accordance with Meyer Turku’s quality requirements in the premises of our long-term partner shipyards. We are satisfied that we have reached the beginning of the concrete construction phase and we look forward to the continuation of the excellent cooperation so far”

Tapani Pulli, Deputy CEO of Meyer Turku.

The performance of the Border Guard’s ships under construction will improve significantly compared to the outgoing ships, for example advanced monitoring systems and data transfer solutions will improve situational awareness and data sharing. The new ships are designed to be low-emission and energy-efficient.

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