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United Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 Lands at Houston Airports Ends in the Grass

A United Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 Flight UA2477 originating from Memphis had a runway excursion upon landing on Runway 27 at Houston Geroge Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH/KIAH). The crew encountered challenges upon landing due to the heavy rain.

Emergency response teams swiftly arrived at the scene, facilitating the safe evacuation of passengers from the aircraft via stairs. No injuries have been reported. The flight, operated by a four-year-old Boeing 737 MAX 8 with registration N27290, marks the second recent incident involving United Airlines at Houston Airport.

ADS-B data suggest that the aircraft had a ground speed of 30 knots at the Runway 09 Threshold when it turned to the right towards taxiway SC. It then rolled onto the grass at a ground speed of 20 knots, where it came to a stop, with the aircraft tilting to the left and the nose landing gear off the ground.

weather about the incident time (1358Z):
KIAH 081453Z 16005KT 1 1/2SM BR BKN008 OVC020 23/22 A2972 RMK AO2 SLP063 60002 T02280222 51014
KIAH 081353Z 19005KT 1 1/2SM BR BKN008 OVC018 23/22 A2971 RMK AO2 SFC VIS 2 1/2 SLP059 T02280217

On March 4th, United Airlines flight UA1118, utilizing a Boeing 737-924, encountered engine surges from its No. 1 engine during ascent after takeoff from Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport. The flight promptly returned to the airport for a secure landing, 33 minutes after departure.

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