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Duguay-Trouin nuclear Submarine enters service with French Navy

  • On Thursday April 4, 2024, Admiral Nicolas Vaujour, Chief of Staff of the Navy, declared the admission to active service of the nuclear attack submarine (SNA) Duguay-Trouin .
  • It is the second in the series of six Suffren-type SNAs which will replace all Rubis-type SNAs by 2030.

Admission to active service is pronounced after sea trial phases beginning in March 2023. These phases of Verification of Military Characteristics (VCM) allow crews to test the performance, endurance of the vessel as well as the conformity of the equipment to the requested specifications.

During its tests, the Duguay-Trouin sailed in cold and warm waters, with a stopover in Fort-de-France in March 2024; a first for a Suffren type SNA. It will now be deployed in operations.

The Duguay-Trouin SNA, like the first in series, the SNA Suffren , will carry out the same missions as the Rubis-type SNA, with greater capabilities. In particular, it has a land strike capacity with the Naval Cruise Missile (MdCN) and a capacity to deploy special forces through a swimming airlock and through its deck hangar.

Submarine forces and the strategic ocean force

 The French submarine forces are made up of 3,200 sailors. They have 10 nuclear submarines: 6 nuclear attack submarines (SNA) and 4 nuclear ballistic missile submarines (SSBN).

 Each submarine is armed by 2 crews (blue and red) who take turns on board.

The job of submariner is an extraordinary, high-level job, requiring high standards and great rigor on a daily basis.

 Since 1972, at least one SSBN has been at sea to ensure, anywhere in the seas and oceans of the world, the permanence of nuclear deterrence at sea.

 The SNA constitute an essential component of the French armed forces. They are both combat ships and instruments of power. Possession of SNA gives the French Navy capabilities to support operational effectiveness (in terms of endurance, discretion and performance).

 The SNAs have 4 main missions: support for nuclear deterrence (in particular area clearance during SSBN departures); protection of a naval air force (particularly during aircraft carrier deployments); knowledge-anticipation and intervention (deep strike and deployment of special forces).

Submarines constitute a key capability of French Defense.

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