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Barracuda 2024 – Italian Coast Guard vessels start arriving

- Barracuda 2024 aims at providing stakeholders with crisis management and emergency response skills

In the afternoon, two Italian Coast Guard vessels, the Bruno Gregoretti (CP920) and the Aurelio Visalli (CP422), entered the Grand Harbour to take part in a maritime exercise that will take place in Maltese territorial waters between May 6–9, 2024.

Barracuda 2024 is bilaterally organised by the Armed Forces of Malta and the Italian Coastguard, with other domestic and international stakeholders like Transport Malta, Virtu Ferries, the European Maritime Safety Agency, and the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Center, among others.

The news was shared earlier in the morning by the Armed Forces of Malta on their social media pages.

The Armed Forces of Malta will lead the planning and execution of the exercise, which will take place in and around the Maltese archipelago and consist of three distinct phases with the goal of improving capabilities, coordination, and interoperability in several different pertinent areas such as mass rescue operations and pollution response scenarios, in addition to participating with various maritime assets, rotary wing aircraft, and other units.

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