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Contract awarded to begin design work for Land-Based Testing Facility in Nova Scotia

Providing Canadian Armed Forces members with the facilities and tools they need to support operations is one of the foremost priorities – and the National Defence must deliver. This is why the Government of Canada is building a land-based testing facility (LBTF) on a portion of DND-owned land near Shearwater, Nova Scotia, to help bring 15 new Canadian Surface Combatants (CSC), that will be built for the Royal Canadian Navy, into service and support them throughout their lifespan.

This infrastructure will be critical in testing the new CSC ships’ combat systems and will ensure the new ships are sea-ready once delivered. As there are no existing facilities capable of supporting this type of testing for CSC in Canada, we will deliver this new, purpose-built testing facility to carry out this work as part of the CSC’s rigorous tests and trials program.

On September 30, a $485,000 contract was awarded to PCL Construction of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, to begin project support and design work on the future LBTF. Work with the contractor to determine the building’s specifications will commence in 2022, and the design phase will run until 2023, when construction is expected to begin.

“The awarding of this contract marks an important milestone in the CSC project, as the construction of this land-based testing facility is a prerequisite for the delivery of the 15 new CSC ships being constructed. The operational importance of this facility and what this means for both our personnel and Canada’s maritime capabilities cannot be overstated. This project will also help generate economic opportunities for the Halifax region and be built with a focus on environmental sustainability to help reduce our carbon footprint.”

Honourable Anita Anand, Minister of National Defence

It is expected that this facility will be approximately 9000-macross several floors, and will accommodate 120 full-time staff, including members of the Royal Canadian Navy, DND employees, and contractors. Additional infrastructure will be required at CFB Halifax to support the CSC project; further details will be confirmed as the project progresses.

Canada is a maritime nation and has the longest coastline of any nation on earth. This new facility and the CSC ships will ensure that the Canadian Armed Forces continue protecting the sovereignty and security of Canadian waters, as well as making significant contributions to international naval operations on behalf of all Canadians. More than 10,000 Canadian jobs are estimated to be created or maintained throughout the 25-year construction period of the CSC ships, and we expect the LBTF project to sustain almost 350 jobs in the Halifax region during construction.

“This project not only helps secure the future of Canadian maritime sovereignty, it also brings jobs and other economic benefits to the Dartmouth region. Investments in Canada’s defence infrastructure are felt throughout nearby communities, and help stimulate the economy. By investing in green infrastructure like this facility, we are helping to meet our greenhouse gas reduction targets and build a greener future for all Canadians.”

Darren Fisher, Member of Parliament for Dartmouth-Cole Harbour

National Defence of Canada is also committed to doing their part to leave a healthy environment for future generations of Canadians and to meet the targets set in the Greening Government Strategy. In all aspects of the CSC project, DND continues to explore opportunities to improve its environmental footprint. For example, using the LBTF for on-land systems testing will avoid greenhouse gas emissions from ships that would have occurred if testing were carried out at sea. The LBTF construction will also follow DND’s Green Building Directive which targets net-zero carbon emissions.

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