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Alliance Air to connect challenging airfields of the Himalayas with two brand new ATR 42-600

- The 50-seaters will be leased via TrueNoord who confirms confidence in long-term value of ATR products

Market-leading aircraft manufacturer ATR and Alliance Air, the only Indian public airline, have signed a deal to acquire two ATR 42-600 via lessor TrueNoord. These new aircraft will support Alliance Air’s mission of serving challenging airfields in the Himalayas. The first deliveries to Alliance Air will start mid 2022.

The former regional subsidiary of Air India, which already operates 18 ATR 72-600, has chosen to complement its fleet with brand new ATR 42s as their unique credentials, both in terms of versatility and economics, make it the perfect aircraft to serve even the least accessible regions of India. The aircraft will be able to operate on the short runways of the Shimla and Kullu airports, both located at high altitudes, and exposed to high temperatures.

“Our relationship with ATR started 20 years ago, and ever since we have been building a network that truly serves Indian communities, delivering comfortable, reliable and affordable air services. Thanks to the unique features of the ATR 42-600, Alliance Air will proudly fulfill the mission assigned by the Indian government to make the most inaccessible regions accessible.”

Vineet Sood, Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Air

The high commonality between the ATR 72 and 42 will help make the introduction of this new aircraft type seamless. The airline will also continue to benefit from the manufacturer’s pay-by-the-hour maintenance programme, the ATR GMA, to optimise its operations and maintenance activities.

“Renewed confidence from a historical customer is the best recognition of the efforts we are making every day to remain at the higher edge of technology whilst providing concrete solutions to operate the aircraft with the most sustainable business model. The fact that we will deliver the aircraft by the middle of this year is testament both to the recovery of the Indian domestic market and the essential need for affordable and reliable connectivity throughout the country.”

Stefano Bortoli, ATR CEO

In 2021, 40 new routes were created in India with ATR aircraft.

“We are proud to be a strategic partner in enabling vital and essential connections to be made throughout India. With this new acquisition, we are firmly establishing the whole ATR family as a cornerstone of our portfolio of modern regional aircraft, and demonstrating our confidence in their long-term value.”

Carst Lindeboom, Sales Director Asia Pacific at TrueNoord

These are the third and fourth ATR 42 aircraft that TrueNoord is introducing into its fleet, as in December 2021, the lessor bought two ATR 42-600 to support Silver Airways’ development in the United States.

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