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Saab’s Underwater Vehicle Finds the Endurance Shipwreck in Antarctica

The Endurance22 expedition team has located explorer Sir Henry Shackleton’s ship, Endurance, at a depth of 3,008 metres under the Antarctic ice. Saab’s underwater vehicle Sabertooth was used to find, film and document the rediscovery of Endurance, which sank in 1915.

The polar research vessel S.A. Agulhas II set off on its voyage to Antarctica to search for Endurance on 5 February, 2022. Two Sabertooth underwater vehicles from Saab were on board and enabled the expedition team to successfully complete the task of locating, examining and filming the wreck. Two underwater search experts from Saab formed part of the expedition team.

“Locating the Endurance wreck in challenging Antarctic conditions at a depth of around 3,000 metres is not an easy task. We are very proud that Saab’s advanced underwater vehicle Sabertooth succeeded in completing this mission, making a great contribution to world history,”

Peter Erkers, Sales Director at Saab’s business unit Underwater Systems.

Since Shackleton’s ship sank after being crushed by ice in 1915, several expeditions have tried and failed to locate the wreck. The graphical data collected by Saab’s Sabertooth will allow the expedition team to gather detailed historical data and produce a precise 3D model of the wreck.

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