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NATO Aircraft Integration in the Mediterranean Region

Allied F-35s and Eurofighters from Italy and F-16s from Greece escorted two US B-52s throughout the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea Region while integrating with Allied Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) from Romania on March 7, 2022.

The B-52s took off from RAF Fairford, and flew over central Europe to practice air-land integration drills with Romanian JTACs; this integration provided vital Allied Close Air Support training.

Before returning to base, the B-52s practised bilateral operations with Italian and Greek fighters. The Allied aircraft worked out fighter-bomber escort procedures and communications. Integration between fifth-generation fighters and legacy bombers ensure Allied interoperability that directly contributes to providing a robust deterrence and defence of the Alliance.

NATO is a highly capable, political & military Alliance that collectively provides the military forces necessary to ensure security for our nations through an effective, blend of operations, missions, tasks and activities within Alliance territory.

Given the inherent speed, flexibility, and range of strategic bombers, Bomber Task Force missions highlight Allied capabilities and commitment to a cohesive Alliance.

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