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Canadian AF CH-49 crash, all six crew safe

Officials say two military servicemen were sent to the hospital after a search and rescue chopper crashed at the 9 Wing Gander air force base in central Newfoundland on Thursday evening.

The injured were among six crew members on board the CH-149 Cormorant aircraft when it crashed in the afternoon, according to a series of tweets from the Royal Canadian Air Force. According to the tweets, the helicopter was performing “hovering manoeuvres” at the Gander airport, which is close to the airbase.

Emergency crews continued to work near the plane, which lay on its side with its tail missing, on Thursday evening.

CH-149 According to the air force’s website, Cormorant helicopters are long-range aircraft that can operate in harsh environments. The aircraft’s frame is about 23 meters long, with an 18.5-meter rotor span.

The air force’s flight safety directorate stated an investigation into what transpired was initiated straight away.

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