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Two PC-60M patrol boats have been launched by an Indonesian shipyard.

- On March 21, the Indonesian shipyard PT Caputra Mitra Sejati christened and launched two PC-60 M-class rapid patrol boats (KRI Dorang-874 and KRI Bawal-875) at its Banten facilities.

Admiral Yudo Margono, the Principal of the Indonesian Navy, was the chief guest at the little event. Admiral Margono said the boats will improve the Indonesian Navy’s ability to protect the country’s EEZs and that the vessels will be designed in a convertible construction so that weapons may be increased if necessary.

The PC-60M class boat, manufactured at the PT Caputra Mitra Sejati shipyard, is an evolution of the previously built PC-40 boats, which were then developed into the PC-60 to serve the Indonesian Navy’s peacetime law enforcement tasks, according to Admiral Margono.

“KRI Dorang-874” and “KRI Bawal-875” were the names of the newly launched ships.

KRI Dorang-874 will be assigned to Ambon Naval Base’s (Lantamal IX) patrol group, while KRI Bawal-875 will be sent to Sorong Naval Base (Lantamal XlV).

Each ship is 60 meters in length, 8.5 meters in width, and weighs between 440 and 520 tons. It has a top speed of 24 knots, a cruising speed of 17 knots, and a speed of 15 knots for economic purposes.

The patrol boats will have a 40-mm (millimeter) main cannon with a tracking system, as well as an electro-optical suite that includes a laser rangefinder, an infrared camera, and a daytime camera. The firing control system can be used to operate the gun. Two 12.7 mm cannons will be carried by the ships.

The Indonesian Navy will purchase four patrol boats of the PC -60M class. PT. Caputra Mitra Sejati is building two vessels, while PT. Karimun Anugrah Sejati Shipyard and PT. Palindo Marine Shipyard are building the others.

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