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Eve and Corporación América Airports plan to develop Urban Air Mobility solutions in Europe and Latin America

In December 2021, a subsidiary of Eve Holding, Inc. and Corporación América Airports S.A., the largest private-sector airport concession operator in the world by the number of airports, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to design and integrate a service and support ecosystem for Urban Air Mobility operations in Europe and Latin America. Eve and Corporación América Airports will combine their expertise and efforts to assess the market readiness of ground infrastructure for electric vertical take-off and landing operations at airports, including studies of the regulatory environment.

“The next five years will probably be decisive in how we move from and through cities, and aviation will play a leading role again. Corporación América Airports has always been at the forefront of air transport services, and now wants to be a key player in the UAM segment, identifying the challenges and opportunities for better operational, infrastructural and secure contexts. We want to lead the development of the UAM ecosystem, allowing mobility in the third dimension accessible to all, in a more sustainable transportation mode”,

Martin Eurnekian, CEO of Corporación América Airports.

“The Urban Air Mobility ecosystem includes ground infrastructures and operations, airports, and integration of different transportation modes. The partnership with Corporación América Airports will allow us to create and implement these concepts, in line with regulatory authorities’ requirements, in different communities in Latin America and Europe supported by Corporación América Airports. Our dedication to enabling a global UAM ecosystem makes Eve a trusted partner in this collaboration,”

Andre Stein, co-CEO of Eve.

This partnership reinforces both companies’ commitment to safely providing more reliable, affordable, sustainable, integrated and human-centric UAM solutions.

André Stein, co-CEO of Eve, on the left, and Martin Eurnekian, CEO of Corporación América Airports, on the right, during Eurnekian’s visit to the eVTOL simulator in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil. Photo: Embraer

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