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Leonardo’s VIP-corporate helicopter fleet set to grow in Brazil with new orders announced at LABACE 2022

- Orders for three helicopters including two AW169s and one AW109 Trekker for two different private operators, with deliveries in 2023

- With a 45% share over the last ten years, Leonardo is the world leader in the twin-engine VIP/corporate helicopter market

- Over 900 VIP helicopters in service worldwide today, nearly 25% of them based in Latin America

- LABACE 2022 marks the first regional exhibition introducing the new Agusta VIP brand with initial services

Leonardo’s leadership in the world’s VIP/corporate multiengine helicopter market continues to grow with new orders announced at LABACE, including two AW169 light intermediate twins and one AW109 Trekker light twin engine helicopter. One AW169 and the AW109 Trekker will be delivered to a private operator in 4Q2023. An AW169 is expected to be handed over to its user in 3Q2023. The helicopters will feature highly customised configurations and interiors and will benefit from the advanced and comprehensive support solutions which will be delivered by the new Service and Logistics Centre in Itapevi.  

These latest orders for the AW169 bring the number of aircraft of this latest generation type purchased by VIP operators in Brazil to 14, confirming the growing success of the AW169 in this market since its certification in 2015. The only latest generation helicopter in its category in over 30 years, the AW169 features a range of innovations, uniquely combining light twin economics and greater payload, range and larger volume. Cockpit and cabin comfort for crews and passengers on board are supported by an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) Mode capability, allowing key systems like air conditioning, heating and radio working by leveraging power generated by one of the two engines. This contributes to an ideal environment and use of on board equipment, in any weather and geographical condition, with no need to keep the rotors running translating in greater safety, less noise and lower fuel consumption and emissions. The modern digital glass cockpit features touch screen technology and a versatile representation of all key information, therefore delivering greater situational awareness to the pilot and reducing workload to concentrate on the mission and increase safety.

The AW109 Trekker builds on the outstanding success of the legacy AW109 light twin, the benchmark in this category in Brazil. Leonardo’s first light twin to offer skid landing gear, the AW109 Trekker maintains the AW109 Grand airframe, large cabin and top-class performance while offering greater payload at a competitive cost, therefore proving it is perfectly suited to meet the stringent requirements of operators in terms of capabilities and cost effectiveness. The AW109 Trekker is equipped with a latest generation Genesys Aerosystems glass cockpit that can be configured according to customer needs: one or two pilots, VFR or IFR.

With a 45% share over the last ten years, Leonardo is the world leader in the twin-engine VIP/corporate helicopter market including private, charter and VVIP/Government transport services, thanks to the most modern and largest product range featuring state-of-art avionic and navigation systems along with class leading performance, safety and comfort standards. More than 900 Leonardo VIP/corporate helicopters are flying today globally, approximately 25% of which based in Latin America. Based on the company’s long-established and distinctive design, technology and service philosophy and values in the executive transport sphere, Leonardo recently launched the Agusta brand to embody its unique experience and excellence for future VIP market initiatives. LABACE also marks the first regional aviation exhibition where the new Agusta brand is introduced combined with a range of new VIP-related services.  


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