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Netherlands Coast Guard Dash 8 operational

After years of preparation full of tendering processes and construction projects, the time has come: the Netherlands Coast Guard has a new and ultramodern aircraft. The Dash 8 replaces the former Dornier. “This new aircraft is a flight into the future.”

Border control, smuggling, environmental crime: the Dash 8 is the aircraft with which the Coast Guard will carry out its tasks in the air in the coming years. 

“The aircraft will provide a tipping point, my task was, among other things, to translate the operational requirements of the Coast Guard into the capabilities of the aircraft. In the meantime, I dare to say that our wishes have been exceeded.”

Jan Christiaanse. He has been deputy Chief of Operations at the Coast Guard

The coastguard aircraft fly daily over the North Sea for control and observation flights. This is to trace and identify contaminants (oil/chemicals) and their source. They also carry out shipping checks and fisheries inspections. The aircraft also support SAR missions over the sea.

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