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Bilateral Air Exercise “MINA II”

From Sunday 27 to Tuesday 29 November 2022, the Bilateral Air Exercise of Greece and Egypt called “MINA II” took place in the wider area of ​​the Cairo FIR, with the participation of the Air Forces of both Countries.

The “MINA II” exercise is part of the wider planning of the Greek Armed Forces regarding the international collaborations of the Armed Forces in order to strengthen the synergy and strengthen the military cooperation of the participating countries, as well as in the Military Cooperation Program (MPC) of Greece and Egypt for in the year 2022, and was intended to train participants in Composite Air Operations (COMAO).

The exercise took place immediately after the end of the bilateral cross-branch exercise between Greece and Egypt “MEDUSA 12”, with the participation of 4 Fighter Aircraft (A/F) F-16/B50 of the Air Force, and A/F F-16/B52, F16/B40, MIG-29 and RAFALE of the Egyptian Air Force.

During its duration, objects of complex aviation scenarios were executed that covered the entire range of aviation operations, as below:

  • Air Combat between different types of Aircraft (Dissimilar Air Combat Training – DACT).
  • Offensive Counter Air Operations (OCA).
  • Defensive Counter Air Operations (DCA).
  • Complex Air Supremacy Operations [Defensive Counter Air (DCA) vs Offensive Counter Air (OCA)

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