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Helicopter collision on the Gold Coast near Sea World results in four fatalities

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On the Gold Coast near Sea World, two helicopters collided in midair, leaving four people dead and three more in critical condition.

The two Sea World Helicopters aircraft crashed at around 2:00 p.m. (Australia Time), and after the collision, members of the public attempted to rescue survivors from the debris.

“We and the entire flying community are devastated by what has happened and our sincere condolences go to all those involved and especially the loved ones and family of the deceased,”

Sea World Helicopters spokesperson

The four persons who died and the three who are still alive, according to Queensland Police Inspector Gary Worrell, all came from one of the helicopters.

The second helicopter, which was able to make a successful landing after the two aircraft “came into contact with each other,” had six further people with minor injuries.

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