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Romanian An-30 debut for Malta Airshow

The Malta International Airshow has just announced the confirmed participation of a Romanian Air Force An-30 ‘Clank’ as known in NATO code name.

The Malta Aviation Society stated:

“We’re excited to announce that the Romanian Air Force will be joining us on static at the Malta Airshow 2023 in the form of an Antonov AN-30! The Romanian Air Force AN-30 is a twin-engine turboprop military transport aircraft that is primarily used for aerial surveying and mapping.”

Romania participated at the Malta International Air Show in 2015 with a C-27J Spartan on static display and after eight years they’re back with the An-30.

Five people make up the AN-30 crew: two pilots, a navigator, and two surveyors. Due to its array of sensors and cameras, it can be used for both military and civilian purposes, including mapping and reconnaissance missions. Since the 1980s, the AN-30 has been in use with the Romanian Air Force and has undergone a number of improvements to enhance its capabilities. Two of these uncommon and distinctive aircraft are in service with the Romanian Air Force.

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