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Royal Navy in force for Malta Airshow

The Malta International Airshow has just announced that the Royal Navy will also participate at the Malta International Airshow with three Avenger T.1 aircraft on static display.

“We are delighted to share some thrilling news for aviation enthusiasts and spectators alike, with the exciting confirmation of not one, but Three Royal Navy Avenger T.1 in static display!”

Malta International Airshow

The Avengers belong to 750 Naval Air Squadron, which was based at RNAS Hal Far, formerly known as HMS Falcon, in 1959. Nine Percival Sea Prince T.1 flying classrooms were used by the squadron to undertake Observer training when it was a component of the Fleet Air Arm’s Observer School. Its primary responsibility was to teach officers in the fundamentals before sending them on to specialized operational flying Units at various Naval Air Stations throughout the UK.

Today, 750 NAS is situated at RNAS Culdrose and continues to train Observers, the professionals responsible for navigating, using communications equipment, and managing the Fleet Air Arm’s arsenal of weapons.

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