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Video: Radom Air Show is back, first Polish AF FA-50 aircraft debut

- After a five-year break, Radom Air Show is back, so that you can admire the planes of the Polish Air Force, including the FA-50. The aircraft were ordered from South Korea a year ago. Two aircraft are already in Poland. Polish pilots were trained. Ten more planes will be delivered to the Polish Air Force this year, here at the base in Mińsk Mazowiecki, said Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of National Defense.

On Monday (August 21 this year) in Mińsk Mazowiecki, the head of the Ministry of National Defense presented the program of the Air Show 2023 air show. In addition, there was a presentation of a new aircraft for the Polish Army – FA-50.

The International Air Show AIR SHOW Radom 2023 is back after a 5-year break. They will take place on the last weekend of summer holidays – August 26 and 27. The best Polish and foreign pilots will present themselves in them. AIR SHOW is the largest presentation of equipment and equipment for soldiers of all types of armed forces in Poland.

The program includes a dynamic show and a static exhibition. In the air you will be able to see, among others. historical aircraft show block, airdrop – flag landing, air parade from 19 formations, pyrotechnic show, SAR rescue show, Żelazny Aerobatic Group show, ORLIK Aerobatic Team show, Red Bull Air Race show, Demo Tiger Team show and many others. During the shows, planes and helicopters of the Polish Air Force will be presented: F-16, FA-50, MiG-29, Su-22, M-28, Sokół, M-346, C-295, C-130, etc., as well as from abroad.

Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Poland

I invite you to the Air Show in Radom. This is also the 90th anniversary of Captain Stanisław Skarżyński’s famous flight across the Atlantic. Today we have great pilots who use the tradition of their predecessors. Great people, aviation enthusiasts, in whose hands the FA-50 planes are a very important element of determining the aggressor. I also invite you to the Air Show to admire the position of the land forces. A stand with the most modern equipment, equipment acquired in recent years.”

Mariusz Błaszczak, Polish Minister of National Defense.

A static exhibition will be prepared for lovers of militaria, including the equipment and armament of all types of armed forces – from the Land Forces, through Special Forces, Territorial Defense Forces to the Navy, as well as equipment at the disposal of military schools and NATO allied forces stationed in Poland. These will include the first unmanned aerial systems Bayraktar TB2, AW-101, S-70i. There will be a mock-up of the F-35 aircraft available to the viewers of the shows – everyone will be able to get into the cabin.

In addition, modern equipment purchased recently for the Polish Army will be presented – including: K2 Czarna Pantera, M1A1 Abrams, K9 Thunder, systems – HIMARS, PATRIOT, PILICA and the new BWP Borsuk and BAOBAB-K. During the AIR SHOW there will also be an opportunity to take a look at the equipment of the Territorial Defense Forces. During the shows, you will be able to practically test your shooting skills at the container shooting range. WOT will also present FLYEYE unmanned aerial vehicles with a trainer and Warmate, as well as individual equipment for soldiers.

Speaking about the modernization of the Polish Army, the head of the Ministry of National Defense drew attention to the ongoing modernization of the Polish Air Force and the purchase of modern FA-50 and F-35 aircraft.

“I remember those years before 2015, when people were wondering what the prospects of the base here in Mińsk Mazowiecki would be. There was such helplessness. It was said that post-Soviet [machines] are so great, wonderful. The new FA-15 aircraft being introduced are several lengths better than the best post-Soviet aircraft. These are planes that were designed by Lockheed Martin. This is the same company that produces the F-16 and F-35 aircraft. Let me remind you that in 2020 we ordered two F-35 squadrons. Next year, the first Polish F-35s will be available

Mariusz Błaszczak, Polish Minister of National Defense.

The FA-50 is a light combat aircraft produced by the South Korean company Korea Aerospace Industries. Poland ordered 48 such machines in 2022. The first of them have already been delivered to Poland in July – to the 23rd Tactical Air Base. The FA-50 tests, which took place in 23 BLT, are the result of the provisions contained in the contract with the aircraft manufacturer. Polish pilots who have been assigned to test the FA-50 have completed several stages of training.

We’re not waiting around. Why are these planes better than post-Soviet ones? We will find the answer to this question if we listen to the Ukrainian authorities. Why are the Ukrainians so eager to acquire the F-16? Because planes from the Western world are better than post-Soviet planes. Therefore, we equip the Polish Army with planes from the Lockheed Martin family, ie an American company, a tycoon on the market of combat aircraft manufacturers. A-50 aircraft are training and combat aircraft. They will be used to patrol the sky over Poland, for allied missions over the Baltic states, and to ensure security in Slovakia. Let me remind you that the Polish Air Force has committed itself to carrying out such missions. These aircraft are very compatible with F-16 aircraft. In principle, one can speak of uniformity when it comes to the F-16 and FA-50. Of course, the performance is different, but when it comes to piloting, handling, they are very similar to each other. We are consistently increasing the strength of the Polish Air Force. We will be consistent in this process, so we are replacing post-Soviet aircraft with Western aircraft. The rate of replacement of this fleet is record-breaking. Over the course of a year, we managed to equip the Polish Army with new planes

Mariusz Błaszczak, Polish Minister of National Defense.

This year, Poland will have a total of 12 FA-50 aircraft. Further deliveries are scheduled for 2025–2028. The contracts include the delivery of a training and logistics package as well as a technical support service. The FA-50 is an aircraft equipped with advanced imaging and control systems, as well as modern avionics and fire control radar. The machine is armed with a 20-mm cannon and a wide range of underslung armament, including AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles, AGM-65 Maverick air-to-surface missiles and several types of air bombs.

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