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Fourth Arctic and Offshore Patrol Vessel delivered to The Royal Canadian Navy

The Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN) fourth Arctic and Offshore Patrol Vessel (AOPS), Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) William Hall , was delivered to the fleet.

Designed to secure and maintain Arctic sovereignty, the Harry DeWolf -class Arctic Offshore and Patrol Ships significantly enhance the capabilities and presence of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in the Arctic. With their considerable space for transporting cargo, small vehicles and deployable watercraft, AOPS provide versatility and support to a wide range of CAF operations at home, while contributing to global peace and security by collaboration with our allies and partners.

Once the RCN takes delivery of HMCS William Hall , next steps will include sea trials, hot and cold weather trials, and post-delivery assessment tasks. The full commissioning ceremony for HMCS William Hall is expected to take place in the coming year, after trials are complete.

Since the maiden deployment of the first ship of the class, HMCS Harry DeWolf , in 2021, these ships have deployed multiple times to Canada’s Arctic regions, the southeastern Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Caribbean, and participated in the response to Hurricane Fiona in Newfoundland and Labrador. HMCS William Hall will remain at Her Majesty’s Canadian Dockyard in Halifax during post-acceptance work, sea trials and final ship preparations, before being officially commissioned into the RCN fleet. .

“Today we celebrate the next important milestone for the National Shipbuilding Strategy and the Royal Canadian Navy with the arrival of its fourth new Arctic and Offshore Patrol Vessel, HMCS William Hall . This new addition to the Canadian fleet was made possible through the vital work of our shipbuilders and the thousands of Canadians who helped build this new vessel. We will continue to provide the Royal Canadian Navy with the ships it needs to protect our country, while creating good jobs for Canadians.”

The Honorable Bill Blair, Minister of National Defense

In support of Canada’s defense policy, Protect, Secure, Engaged , the Government of Canada continues to deliver the modern, functional and efficient ships the RCN needs to support its operations, while rebuilding the maritime industry in Canada by creating hundreds of new jobs under Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSCS).

“Today’s delivery of our fourth Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship, HMCS William Hall , brings the Royal Canadian Navy closer to its goal of building a full fleet of six modern ice-resistant vessels. Each of the AOPS represents an advanced capability and skill set for the Navy and our allies, and we are proud that this ship will soon be officially welcomed into the RCN fleet.”

Vice-Admiral Angus Topshee, Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy

Quick Facts

  • The Harry DeWolf -class ships are very versatile vessels that can be used in various national and international missions, such as coastal surveillance, search and rescue, countering drug trafficking, supporting international partners , humanitarian aid and disaster relief.
  • The Harry DeWolf- class ships will be affiliated with regions of Inuit Nunangat. The first affiliation between HMCS Harry DeWolf and the Inuit of Qikiqtani in Nunavut was formalized in May 2019, and HMCS Margaret Brooke was affiliated with the Nunatsiavut region in 2022. The affiliation of an HMCS and its sailors to a civilian community is a long-standing and honored naval tradition, and the bond thus established is maintained throughout the useful life of the ship.
  • NPEAs are referred to as the Harry DeWolf class, named for Vice-Admiral Harry DeWolf, a Canadian Navy war hero. First in class, HMCS Harry DeWolf was delivered to Canada on July 30, 2020 and officially commissioned by the RCN on June 26, 2021.
  • The second AOPS, HMCS Margaret Brooke , was named for the Royal Canadian Navy’s Nursing Sister, Lieutenant-Commander Margaret Martha Brooke, who was decorated for bravery during the Second World War. HMCS Margaret Brooke officially commissioned into the RCN on October 28, 2022.
  • The third AOPS, HMCS Max Bernays , was named in honor of Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Max Bernays, a Canadian Navy hero who served as coxswain of HMCS Assiniboine during the Battle of the World War II Atlantic. It was officially delivered to the RCN on September 2, 2022.
  • The fourth AOPS, HMCS William Hall, is named in honor of William Hall, the first person of African descent, the first Nova Scotian and the first Canadian sailor to be awarded the Victoria Cross.
  • The fifth and sixth AOPS, HMCS Frédérick Rolette and HMCS Robert Hampton Gray , are currently in various stages of production. The delivery of a new ship is planned every year until 2025.

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