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Video: AFM Bulldog delivered to the Malta Aviation Museum

Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.1 of the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) serial: AS0021 was delivered earlier today to a new home at the Malta Aviation Museum where it should join other AFM Assets on display. This portal is informed that the aircraft is on loan to the Malta Aviation Museum Foundation.

This airframe was delivered to the Air Wing back in February 2000 carrying a civilian registration 9H-ADR, after having served with the Royal Air Force as a basic trainer.

The Bulldog was primarily used by the Air Wing for coast patrol operations, although it was also utilised as a basic trainer.

Beagle Aircraft designed the Bulldog, a simple trainer aircraft that was used by eleven different air forces and made its first flight in 1969.

This is the information we have about the whereabouts of the AFM Bulldog now after they have been removed from service.

  • AS0020 SA Bulldog T Mk.1 BH120-337 9H-ADQ XX691/11(RAF) – Written off in 2007.
  • AS0021 SA Bulldog T Mk.1 BH120-345 9H-ADR XX696/S(RAF) – On loan to the Malta Aviation Museum
  • AS0022 SA Bulldog T Mk.1 BH120-358 9H-ADS XX709/E(RAF) – on Sale or already sold.
  • AS0023 SA Bulldog T Mk.1 BH120-363 9H-ADT XX714/D(RAF) – Sold and based in the UK.
  • AS0124 SA Bulldog T Mk.1 BH120-240 XX547(RAF) – Malta College of Art’s Science and Technology

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