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Hyundai Heavy Industries successfully completes construction of new frigate

Hyundai Heavy Industries has successfully completed the construction of a new frigate, solidifying its position as a ‘shipmaker’.

Hyundai Heavy Industries held a delivery signing ceremony at its headquarters in Ulsan on the 24th October and delivered ‘Chuncheon’, the 8th ship of the new 2,800-ton class frigate, to the Korean Navy on schedule.

The Chuncheon is the last ship of the Ulsan-class Batch-II project, which involves building a total of eight 2,800-ton frigates to replace the existing 1,500-ton frigates (FF) and 1,200-ton patrol ships (PCC).

Among a total of 8 new frigates, Hyundai Heavy Industries was responsible for the construction of 4 ships, including the 3rd ship ‘Seoul’, the 4th ship ‘Donghae’, the 7th ship ‘Cheonan’, and the 8th ship ‘Chuncheon’, facing considerable difficulties such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, all ships were delivered on time and without any setbacks, reaffirming our advanced competitiveness in the ship field.

Chuncheon is 122 meters long and 14 meters wide, can operate at a maximum speed of 30 knots (55.5 km/h), and is equipped with 5-inch naval guns, anti-ship guided missiles, and tactical anti-ship guided missiles. She is also capable of operating one maritime operation helicopter at the stern.

In addition, a ‘hybrid propulsion system’ that uses a gas turbine and a propulsion motor to reduce underwater radiation noise was applied, and a hull-mounted sonar (HMS, Hull Mounted Sonar) and a towed array sonar system (TASS, long-distance) were used. Equipped with anti-submarine torpedoes, its submarine detection and attack capabilities have been improved.

The Chuncheon will held a commissioning ceremony at Jinhae Naval Port on the 26th October, and will be deployed to the East Sea after training to become operational and begin protecting the seas of the Republic of Korea.

“It is very meaningful to deliver the Chuncheon, the last ship of the Ulsan-class Batch-II construction project, to the Navy in a timely manner.” He added, “We will continue to do our best to build ships with excellent quality.” “We will contribute to strengthening the Navy’s cutting-edge capabilities,”

Wonho Joo, head of Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Special Ship Business Division

Meanwhile, HD Hyundai Heavy Industries began the special ship business in 1975 and has played a key role in protecting the territorial waters of the Republic of Korea by building about 80 ships, including the ‘Ulsan’, Korea’s first domestically produced combat ship, and the first Aegis destroyer, the Sejong the Great. and has received orders for 14 ships from overseas.

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