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FREMM-DA Lorraine enters active service with the French Navy

  • Admiral Vaujour, Chief of the Naval Staff (CEMM) admitted to active service, on November 13, 2023, the multi-mission frigate with enhanced air defense capability (FREMM-DA) Lorraine . It is now operational and able to be deployed on the orders of CEMA.
  • The French Navy thus takes possession of a new frigate. By 2035, the Navy will have 15 first-rate frigates: eight FREMM (including two DA), two air defense frigates (FDA) and five future defense and intervention frigates (FDI).

The FREMM of the French Navy today constitute the backbone of the French surface fleet. FREMMs are stealthy, versatile, enduring and flexible vessels. Their main missions are: control of a maritime operating zone, on the surface and under the sea, support and support for projection operations, as well as precision strike in the depth of the earth with the naval cruise missile. . They are also capable of operating the Caïman marine (NH90), a multi-role onboard helicopter, equipped with a particularly effective anti-submarine warfare capability. The FREMM–Caiman couple embodies a leap in capabilities in the field of anti-submarine warfare (ASM), the performance of this ASM capability of the French Navy being recognized worldwide.

The FREMM-DA have the same anti-submarine warfare capabilities as the FREMM and have enhanced air defense capabilities. They benefit from major developments in the combat system, with a reduced mast (known as “wasp size”) and increased radar detection capacity. Their firing capacity and range are increased, their fire control is improved as well as their ability to conduct air defense operations. These particular capabilities predestined the FREMM-DA Lorraine to be integrated into the carrier group, thus contributing to the escort and protection of the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.

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