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AFM Commander visits the RPA Center of Excellence

- Brigadier General Clinton J. O'Neill visited the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Center of Excellence

The RPA Center of Excellence (CDE-APR), situated in Amendola on the premises of the Italian Air Force’s 32nd Wing, was recently visited by Brigadier General Clinton J. O’Neill, Commander of the Armed Forces of Malta (CAFM).

The CAFM was welcomed to the CDE-APR by Colonel Giuseppe Urbano, the Director of Center, after being received by Chief of Staff of the General Air Squadron of the Air Division Andrea Argieri and Colonel Antonio Vivolo, Commander of the 32nd Wing.

The visit started with a presentation briefing that included visuals of the Center’s goals, organizational structure, and duties.

The Director emphasized the significance of the particular segment’s quick technological advancement in the industrial sphere as well as potential operational applications in the future. The technological laboratory utilized for research and development on remotely piloted aircraft weighing less than 20 kg (Mini/micro class) was displayed, along with the numerous simulation systems that were provided.

Attending the occasion was the Commander of the 28th APR Flight Group, who provided a mission-related briefing.

The Amendola Center of Excellence is the only point of reference for RPA matters in the joint forces domain. It is an Air Force organization with a joint force meaning that is housed under the 3rd Department of the Air Force General Staff.

Comprising professionals from the industry, it goes beyond providing basic training for operating UAV systems and using their sensors. It also supports the growth of the sector by testing new systems, developing protocols, and validating concepts related to their use. This ensures training and standardization of procedures, which guarantees maximum interoperability between agencies and between forces.

The Combat Forces Command (CFC) of Milan is the primary source of support for the 32nd Wing. Its mission is to obtain and uphold the operational readiness of all air defense, attack, and reconnaissance bodies; guarantee the efficient operational status of weapon systems, vehicles, and materials; train personnel; and continuously update and optimize operational procedures in accordance with the directives of the Higher Authorities.

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