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Sweden has upgraded all its NH90’s SAR helos

The last NHIndustries (NHI) NH90 – Helikopter (HKP) 14 has been returned to Sweden for as a search and rescue (SAR) helicopter, having been modified to the final operational capability (FOC) standard.

On December 5th, NHI declared the achievement, stating that on November 30th, the final of seven NH90 Tactical Troop Transport (TTT) helicopters with SAR configurations, which have been upgraded in collaboration with Patria, had been returned to the Swedish Armed Forces.

18 NH90 TTT, as designated when the Nordic Standard Helicopter Project with Finland and Norway was initiated in 2001, are in service with the Swedish Air Force (SwAF). Of these, 11 HKP 14Fs are rolled for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and seven HKP 14Es are used for search and rescue (SAR).

Sweden’s NH90s are tailored high-cabin aircraft with a split mission between ASW and SAR that has altered since deliveries began in 2011. As ties with Russia have gotten worse, the country’s operational goals have turned back more toward ASW.

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