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French Air and Space Force to get Rafale Tranche 5 aircraft

The Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) has notified the companies Dassault Aviation, Thales, Safran and MBDA of the contract for the 5th production tranche of the Rafale program. It includes the production of 42 aircraft, in single-seat version to the F4 standard, intended for the French Air and Space Force.

This order is authorized by the Military Programming Law (LPM) 2024-2030. The first aircraft of the 5th tranche will be delivered in 2027. The Rafales will be equipped with the most modern equipment allowing the air force to benefit from enhanced connectivity and self-protection capabilities. With this order, a new step has been taken towards collaborative and connected air combat.

The Rafale program contributes to more than 7000 direct and indirect jobs in France. More than 400 companies are involved on the national territory, including many SMEs and ETIs. This order makes it possible to increase the production load of industrial sites located throughout France, for example in Argenteuil, Argonay, Biarritz, Bourges, Brest, Brive, Cholet, Corbeil-Essonnes, Élancourt, Étrelles, Gennevilliers, Laval, Martignas- sur-Jalle, Mérignac, Poitiers, Seclin, Vendôme and Villaroche.

By successive standards, the Rafale is modernized and adapted to the evolving needs of the air force and new threats, with the aim of remaining at the best technological and operational level.

The jets in this 5th production phase will be brought to the F4 standard, development of which was launched in 2018 and the first increment of which was qualified by the DGA in March 2023. This standard includes the integration of the Contact radio, the MICA NG missile (new generation) and the Digital Autonomous Jammer (BAN) integrated into the Rafale’s SPECTRA self-protection system.

These fighter planes will also be designed to evolve towards the F5 standard in the 2030s.

A new decisive step has been taken with the order of 42 Rafale for the Air and Space Force. This is excellent news for our sovereignty, our security and for our armies, which will benefit from additional Rafales with modernized operational capabilities. The first major order financed by the Military Programming Law, it illustrates French industrial excellence and contributes to more than 7 000 jobs in more than 400 companies in France. This investment of more than 5 billion euros will irrigate many territories.

Sébastien Lecornu, French minister of the Armed Forces.

A multi – purpose fighter aircraft proven in combat, the Rafale is capable of carrying out ground attack missions in all weather and in depth, nuclear strike , defense and air superiority , close fire support , reconnaissance, sea assault and the marine version offers in-flight refueling capability .

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