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Business Jet crashes in the Baltic Sea

A small business jet, a Cessna Citation 551, registration OE-FGR, has crashed in the Baltic Sea. The aircraft which departed from Jerez Airport, Spain, failed to contact several Air Traffic Control Centres while flying over Europe. According to the live aircraft tracking website, FlightRadar24, the aircraft was tracked doing orbits over the Baltic Sea and descending until contact was lost with the final altitude reading 0ft (sea level).

Little information is yet known about this flight and the number of passengers on board although unconfirmed reports state that four (4) people were onboard the aircraft. The German Air Force and the Danish Air Force intercepted the aircraft while it flew over their respective Airspaces with both Air Forces stating that the intercepting aircraft failed to make any contact with the aircraft and they were unable to identify or see the flight crew in the cockpit.

A Swedish Coast Guard Leonardo AW-139 is currently searching the area for possible survivors.

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