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Maiden Call for Italian Frigate Martinengo

A welcome visit to Valletta yesterday, saw the maiden call of the Marina Militare (Italian Navy) Frigate ITS Federico Martinengo (F596). It is a Carlo Bergamini-class frigate of the Italian Navy, the class were developed from the FREMM multipurpose frigate program.

On 4 March 2017, the launching ceremony of the ship took place at the Fincantieri yard in Riva Trigoso. Federico Martinengo was commissioned on 24 April 2018.

Earlier today the Italian Embassy to Malta announced the the Frigate will be open for the public today between 1530hrs and 1800hrs and also tomorrow, Malta’s Independence Day between 0900hrs and 1100hrs and again in the afternoon between 1530hrs and 1800hrs. To board the vessel FFP2 mask is requested.

Frigate Federico Martinengo (F596) is the seventh Italian FREMM unit and the third in the GP, “General Purpose” configuration.

The Italian-French FREMM international cooperation program envisages, for Italy, the acquisition of 10 multi-mission frigates (6 of the “General Purpose” type characterized by high operational flexibility and 4 of the anti-submarine type – characterized by greater capacity in this particular form of operational employment).

Both versions have excellent anti-aircraft and anti-ship defense capabilities, and can employ SH-90 / EH-101 helicopters. In this case the vessel has an SH-90 helicopter deployed.

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