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Bombardier unveils newly branded Global 7500 and Challenger 3500

- Record-setting Global 7500 and best-selling Challenger 3500 aircraft on display in São Paulo, Brazil, present leading performance attributes, advanced technology, Environmental Product Declarations and pristine cabins for maximum productivity and comfort

- Bombardier’s impeccable Global 7500 and Challenger 3500 aircraft are ideally suited for the Brazilian market, providing fast, efficient flights and a smooth ride

- With close to 600 business jets across Latin America and strong support to in-service fleet, Bombardier remains a leader in business aviation across the region

- Catarina Aviation Show marks the first stop of Bombardier’s demo tour, bringing the latest additions to the company’s leading portfolio of aircraft to clients in Brazil

Bombardier announced that its record-setting Global 7500 and best-selling Challenger 3500 aircraft will be on display during the Catarina Aviation Show on June 13-15 in São Paulo, Brazil, revealing the uncompromising attributes of these impressive business jets for clients in the region. The Global 7500 provides exceptionally fast and smooth flights for long missions, connecting clients in São Paulo directly to key destinations such as Dubai, London, Tel Aviv, New York and Geneva. The category-leading Challenger 3500 flies comfortable, seamless journeys from São Paulo to San Juan and Panama City, as well as to most destinations in Europe with a single stop. Customers in the region also benefit from piece of mind through Bombardier’s standard-setting services network, including dedicated Authorized Service Facility (ASF) MAGA Aviation at the Catarina Airport in São Paulo which provides line maintenance, Bombardier parts, and tooling for all LearjetChallenger and Global aircraft.

The show is the first stop on a Brazilian demo tour Bombardier is kicking off to showcase the elevated cabin experience and standard-setting performance capabilities displayed by these aircraft. Bombardier is also pleased to highlight that it will have a strong presence on site, with dedicated sales teams from both business aircraft and Bombardier Defense.

“We are pleased to be bringing our stunning and newly branded Challenger 3500 and Global 7500 aircraft to the Catarina Aviation Show this year, highlighting the incredible performance and design attributes of these industry-defining aircraft, the Brazilian market is very important for Bombardier, both in terms of our business jet customers and our growing defense segment. There are close to 600 Bombardier aircraft across Latin America, and we are pleased to have a strong team present to showcase our aircraft here in São Paulo.”

Michael Anckner, Vice President, Worldwide Pre-owned, Fleet, Defense & Latin America, Bombardier

With more than 170 aircraft delivered since its entry into service and more than 40 industry speed records to its credit(1) the proven Global 7500 jet is truly in a class by itself when it comes to performance and design. With a top speed of Mach 0.925 and an industry-leading range of 7,700 nautical miles (14,260 km), the Global 7500 aircraft features outstanding performance capabilities. Its Smooth Flĕx Wing truly is an aerodynamics marvel. It provides the highest cruise speed, the safest and shortest takeoff and landing performance, all while providing passengers with a smooth ride in the skies. It also reduces fuel burn, lowers emissions and produces excellent short-field and high-speed performance – while boasting a fleet dispatch reliability rate of more than 99.8%. In addition, with its best-in-class hot and high runway performance capabilities, the Global 7500 business jet is capable of accessing many challenging airfields its closest competitors can’t.

The Global 7500 aircraft is equally impressive when it comes to cabin design. The Global 7500 launched a revolution in the business jet industry by being the first aircraft to offer a full-size bedroom and plenty of seats for passengers. Other innovative design elements set the benchmark for the most exceptional cabin interior in business aviation, including Bombardier’s patented Nuage seat, which features the industry’s first zero-gravity position. In short, the aircraft is the ultimate home in the sky, a reliable, productive business tool with its ultra-fast internet capabilities and impeccably designed cabins. 

Not to be outdone, the Challenger 3500 business jet offers unrivalled comfort and reliability, while boasting top performance and delivering Bombardier’s signature smooth ride. Built on the iconic Challenger super midsize platform, the Challenger 3500 elevates the passengers’ experience by integrating many of the features from Bombardier’s Global family of aircraft, including Bombardier’s exclusive and revolutionary Nuage seat. The Challenger aircraft family is also known for its industry-leading reliability and safety. With more than 950 business jets of the Challenger 300 series in service worldwide, the Challenger 3500 aircraft builds on the excellent track record of the Challenger family and, like the Global 7500, also boasts an impressive dispatch reliability of more than 99.8%.

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