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Last Pilatus PC-6 Porter Crashes while on a delivery flight

Pilatus Aircraft delivered the last PC-6 Porter on Monday (Read More). Unfortunately, the celebration was shorted lived as this aircraft crashed in Greece on a ferry flight to Indonesia earlier today under unknown circumstances. The single-engine aircraft PK-SNF (s/n 1019) with two crew members onboard crashed into the sea area off Kakos Mountain near the airport of Heraklio on the island of Crete. The crew issued a MayDay before crashing into the sea.

The accident happened a few minutes after departure from Heraklio airport where the aircraft stopped for refuelling while en route to Egypt. The two crew members were rescued from the wreck. The Hellenic Coast Guard has reported that one crew member, aged 26, a South African national is well in his health, while the second, an Indonesian man aged 68, was found unconscious when recovered and was proclaimed dead at the hospital.

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