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Italy’s Republic Day celebration in Malta 2023

‘Festa della Repubblica’, which is additionally referred to as Italian National Day and Republic Day, is being celebrated today, June 2, with the main festivities taking place in Rome.

An AW139 from the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM), flew in formation with an Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force) HH139B from the 82nd center CSAR of the 15 Stormo stationed in Trapani, performed a flag flypast along the Grand Harbour, Valletta.

In the video below one can see the flypast and also some onboard footage of the Italian AF HH139B.

The Italian HH139B held a rescuer carrying the Italian National Flag, while the Maltese AW139 led the formation while flying the Maltese National Flag.
To the surprise of many present, the helicopters split as they flew straight into the Upper Barrakka Gardens after both of them entered the Grand Harbour from Fort St. Elmo’s side. Following that, the Italian aircraft made a solo fly-by saluting the crowd.