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French Navy ship Dixmude will make a port call in Valletta

From tomorrow Friday 2nd February to Sunday 4th, a French Navy Mistral Class Amphibious Helicopter Carrier, FS Dixmude, will be making its maiden port call at Valletta.

‘Dixmude’ is on her way back to its homeport ‘Toulon’ after being deployed to Egypy for the past two months to assist with the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. During her deployment the vessel provided medical and humanitarian assistance to the civilian population of Gaza, thanks to her reinforced medical capability. For this mission Dixmude, had a crew of 500, including 240 sailors and more than 70 medical staff coming from various countries.

Commissioned in 2012, the ship is 200 meter long and 35 meters wide. She is characterised by her great versatility and her ability to fulfil various missions:

  • Airmobile Force Projection
  • Amphibious Assault Capabilities
  • command at sea, with on-board headquarters for military staff
  • medical support, with a hospital including up to 2 operating theatres
  • humanitarian support and non-combatant evacuation operation

The Commander of the ship is French Navy Captain Alexandre Blonce.

This call mirrors the trust and good relationship between France and Malta, two European Countries committed to peace and stability in the Mediterranean region.

No press of public visits will be organised during the ship’s stay in Valletta.

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