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Textron Aviation’s Cessna Skycourier chosen by Hinterland Aviation

Textron Aviation announced a purchase agreement for the first Cessna SkyCourier passenger variant in Australia to regional airline Hinterland Aviation. The aircraft, expected to deliver in 2026, will add to Hinterland’s expansive fleet of Cessna Grand Caravans to provide a greater payload capacity and increased passenger seating. This fleet expansion will greatly benefit remote communities, as well as the tourism and business sectors in Queensland.

The Cessna SkyCourier is designed and manufactured by Textron Aviation Inc., a Textron Inc. company.

“The SkyCourier’s incredible performance makes it a reliable business tool for customers all over the world, with the ability to load, fly, unload and repeat — along with low operating costs and maximum cabin flexibility — the SkyCourier is a game-changer in regional connectivity. This order not only showcases the SkyCourier’s unmatched capabilities globally, but also highlights Textron Aviation’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the aviation industry.”

Lannie O’Bannion, senior vice president, Global Sales and Flight Operations

The Cessna SkyCourier is meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled performance, unwavering reliability and cost-effective maintenance. With the ability to be operated by a single pilot and a generous payload capacity, the SkyCourier is the ultimate solution for air freight, passenger and special mission needs. The aircraft is highly adaptable and can effortlessly adjust configurations to effectively complete any mission, ensuring a significant return on investment.

“We are thrilled to announce our order of the new Cessna SkyCourier. The aircraft will be a valuable addition to our fleet, allowing us to better serve our clients’ individual needs with room for 19 passengers and access to remote runways, the SkyCourier will serve as an important tool to help grow our business, and we will be proud to be the first airline customer in Australia to operate this aircraft.”

Andrew Clair, CEO, Hinterland Aviation

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